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  1. (1) The same is true of the models of the characters. There is no dedicated person, often in Zhejiang, face in Beijing, and clothes in Shanxi. It is a character that is put together. Lu Xun
    (2) The morality in martial arts is just a special product of a few people. If there are ten martial arts heroes think you are wicked, then you are destined to be a wicked person, because no matter what you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do n’t do anything. It's all wrong.
    (3) Wedding is a lifelong event that people of all ethnic groups attach great importance to them. Some nations have more dedicated songs and regulations.
    (4) This car is dedicated to the general manager.
    (5) Battery bumps do not require dedicated parking lots to drive on ordinary cement floor. It is a participating entertainment equipment. Tourists drove personally. They touched, wiped, left, and right collided. They were invincible and exciting.
    (6) Chaos is always a special term for this girl.
    (7) Use blessings to take a seat for you. It is not the dedicated to the cowherd and weaver girl, but the love magic magic weapon created for you. As long as you receive this text message around Qixi Festival, you will often go to peach blossoms. Add! Happy Valentine's Day!
    (8) The seal is a dedicated thing for the ancient emperor. The jade seal is even more precious. It is very popular. It symbolizes the supreme power identity and status and is now used as a decoration.
    (9) Waiting for me to have money, I buy a bus, dedicated to the bus lane, and stop at the bus station. When someone wants to get on the bus, I said, "I'm sorry, this is this is Private car.".
    (10) Dust, oil and oxide in the air -conditioning and refrigeration system and air -conditioning machine.
    (11) The factory has a special railway line and the Beijing -Guangzhou line and the Beijing -Kowloon Line. The Longhai Line meets, and transportation is very convenient.
    (12) Shenzhen Ridong sewing equipment Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in design and production of special equipment for clothing embroidery.
    (13) It is suitable for special rubber sheets for extended machines. The inner layer has a 90 -degree right angle. The quality of the stretch is good.
    (14) FYJ split paper pressure wire is a special equipment designed for the manufacture of corrugated carton.
    (15) The book is a special document in the name of the emperor. There are 11 thousand -ton berths, 6 shares of railway special lines.
    (17) Article 5 of Article 5 Special funds shall implement project management, special funds, and no unit or individual shall be intercepted, crowded and misappropriated.
    (18) In order to facilitate guests, the hotel provides guests with special vehicles, special parking lots, Chinese and English tour guides, shopping, purchasing and purchasing return tickets and other one -stop services.
    (19) Developed and developed a special computer -aided design system for centrifugal ventilation.
    (20) In addition, the base will also build passenger terminals, maritime police docks and seawalls.
    (21) Introduce the method of assembling the component of the electrical ceramics cutting machine tool guide wheels using a dedicated tool, and analyzed the problems existing during the assembly process, and proposed corresponding solutions.
    (22) Recently, the number of card holders of this group of single -shaped single -shadows is too much. The mall employees have to draw a special area for them in the restaurant.
    (23) I came to the examination room groggy. I ushered in a concerned monitoring teacher. After they asked them to ask the situation, the respectable monitoring teacher took out his own paper towels and supervisors. Dedicated water, let me rub blood.
    (24) Born stunner: metaphor for gorgeous women, like a special person specially given by heaven. In particular, specially, for women who describe gorgeous and charming people.
    (25) Cixi City Daily Xilong Electric Factory is a company specializing in the production of various electric stir -fried pots, induction cookers and related electrical products.
    (26) provides special funding support for banks, governments, consortias, and enterprises around the world, and supervise special funds for special funds.
    (27) Regardless of whether the highway charges are included in the national budget or not, they should fully consider the characteristics of the demand of highway funds and dedicated to the special funds in order to facilitate the planning and management of funds.
    (28) This brand has a good bending performance. It is used for high -speed punching, making a special card for stamping molds.
    (29) The milling cutter provided by Reajan Beijing is a fool -style end milling cutter The grinding machine, simple operation, dedicated to grinding milling cutting cuttings.
    (30) Sometimes let everyone feed them, if you may also bring them some special Dutch pig feed.
    (31) The company is a company specializing in the production of plastic molds, manufacturing processing and processing of precision mechanical parts, dedicated to electronic factory, and fixture manufacturing and processing.
    (32) Production raw materials mainly comes from the special wood pulp of natural coniferous trees imported from Japan. The production technology adopts the Japanese Toyo Textiles proprietary special process spinning technology.
    (33) Doing the monitoring and maintenance of a special air conditioner for telecommunications rooms is the basis for ensuring the normal work of other communication equipment in the machine room.
    (34) Abstract: Diamond Diamond Film: Suitable for special equipment for Taiwan diamonds, imports, and domestic machinery.
    (35) Application experimental results show that the special material is suitable for the processing process and produced by the processing process and produced. Note pull bottle to meet the requirements of the use.
    (36) Preparation of the project registration of the project is thin to record information such as the unique file number, file title, amendment status, and distribution status to ensure the control of the revised status.
    (37) When using a general computer or special digital signal processing machine to analyze and process dynamic electrical measurement signals, first data collection is performed.
    (38) High -voltage average machine is a dedicated equipment for the average quality of liquid materials and high -pressure transportation.
    (39) Sensitive skin cream will not destroy the protective layer on the surface of the skin.
    (40) Dedicated device for Netflix is ​​really the best way to change his video on demand change?
    (41) analyzed the different types and ground requirements of the secondary equipment and cables, specifically pointed out the grounding problem of the shielding layer of the cable, and proposed a specific method of laying a special grounding copper row for the laying the secondary equipment.
    (42) After setting up a dedicated induction line, there will be a wave mode with a small insertion loss and transmission loss in the mine tunnel. It is feasible to use this wave mode for induction communication.
    (43) Rolling paper flat pressure mold cutting: Usually completed on the special internal label mold cutting machine, automatic waste.
    (44) Similarly, some countries also have their dedicated condoms Certification sign, such as Kitemark in the UK.
    (45) By analyzing the re -track method of the vehicle, the official ground and mine proposed a improvement plan and developed a special equipment for re -track, which improved the efficiency and reduced the labor intensity.
    (46) Now, France has built almost 1,250 miles for specialized railways to connect to some major cities, and it is still exploring new lines to expand its leading position.
    (47) In the past, smartphones were significantly higher than traditional PDAs and some dedicated mobile phones, and their functions were more complete.
    (48) For a long time, the DC high -voltage electrostatic voltage table has no dedicated verification equipment.
    (49) Blood glucose bread is based on bread powder, pumpkin powder, buckwheat flour, and xylitol as the raw material. That is, the active dry yeast is refined after a fermentation method.
    (50) Introduce the business characteristics of virtual special network technology in digital mobile communication to achieve principles and development prospects.
    (51) CPI dedicated SMT return welded furnace lubricant. Textiles fixed machine chain oil.
    (52) Development of special manufacturing equipment for land construction, purchase and installation of radiator.
    (53) The school has a CD -ROM retrieval and special satellite communication system.
    (54) The shell and functional parts of the heavy pressure meter are made in accordance with special quality parameters, installed with the special production process, and several inspections have been inspected.
    (55) Compared with the use of notebooks, special hardware devices such as Kindle are more profitable for students.
    (56) Songhua Stone is formed in a unique geological environment. It has a long history and culture. It was used as a dedicated 砚 for "imperial" and "Zhu's approval".
    (57) The special glue of the rich fireboard is a self -linked water base single component adhesive, which is thermal curing type.
    (58) The opposite side of the work is stamped with the name of the name of the Red Shenghuo works.
    (59) This article is aimed at the special robot vision system for water turbines, and the laser scanning method based on the active visual method based on the principle of triangle measurement is used to detect the defect of the water turbine rotor blades.
    (60) Through sterilization effect test, physical and chemical properties, toxicity, irritation tests and drug resistance tests, the comprehensive performance of the self -equipped compound color transformer leather anti -mold leather leather leather leather leather.
    (61) Turn on the outside of the table is a special precision quantity with strong practicality.
    (62) This ultrasonic cleaning machine uses a suspension chain and dedicated hook, which is convenient and fast. r. r. n (63) In conjunction with the special screw and exhaust design, it has the characteristics of high -yield capacity and low energy consumption.
    (64) Invalent special subnet mask. The subnet mask must be connected. Please enter an effective subnet mask.
    (65) This machine is a special computer suitable for grain store business. It can also be used for a little change and can also be used for wholesale and retail business of other commercial departments.
    (66) This article proposes a special column diagram designed to the sound impedance rate of the calculation method.
    (67) According to the problems of the existing super -hard material sintering furnace control system of the manufacturer, and combined with the advantages of similar products abroad, we have developed a special control system with excellent performance.
    (68) Dry skin disease, cutting, scratching, mosquito bites, trauma, rheumatism, cracking skin, scabies, pustules, and wiping the skin's special Chinese ointment.
    (69) PM60 reducer is dedicated to concrete mixer vehicles. It is a transmission system supporting the concrete mixer truck. It is the core component of the upper part. The basic technical principles are as follows.
    (70) Modern walkers also walked from me on these trails. They have a special backpack for mountain climbing and portable bed lid. It's gone.
    (71) Postal special product: refers to postal stamps, postal clamps and post bags.
    (72) The temperature and humidity of the product are unstable, so the product is strictly cold -water crystal model to save, and only uses the ability to solve the premixed special ability.
    (73) Bowe Bowei supply the cabinet gifted bathroom industry special silver barrel, silver welding wire, low temperature stripes, silver welding powder, silver welding paste.
    (74) In order to cooperate with the popularity of special disk processing machines, a coxytic binder was developed.
    (75) and dedicated vehicle and component manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zengdu District, Suizhou.
    (76) The main functions of some special equipment also need to rely on the network.
    (77) Also, Qiong said that all transport invoices are decorated with relief patterns with special stamps.
    (77) Sentence network is an online sentence dictionary, and its purpose is to make everyone more Create better sentences quickly.
    (78) Special valve of alkaline roasted alkali is designed by this feature.
    (79) heavy -loading flat car is a dedicated vehicle for transportation heavy equipment and components. It is generally generally generally Used for heavy -duty occasions such as transportation large -scale ship sections and industrial hosting equipment.
    (80) In fact, this special desktop machine is even much faster than large servers, but increasing the server's CPU processing capacity can double the import speed.
    (81) Duty vice, do you have a dedicated unlocking tool?
    (82) The notarized agency enjoys special rights for the approved name.
    (83) The company provides supporting scientific research facilities and scientific research funds for scientific research funds.
    (84) The company of the company It has the right to request the claimers to provide more information or fill in other special claims, and appoint notary to investigate.
    (85) IBM will also invest in energy and special funds to cooperate with Ho Chi Minh University of Science and Technology and Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
    (86) The application of reflective membrane fields for fruit trees, the picture shows the application status of the Red Fuji apple.
    (87) The dryers and ball mills used by calcium and magnesium phosphorus fertilizer in my country are basically special equipment for cement production, which proposes the way to save energy -saving techniques based on the characteristics of calcium and magnesium phosphate fertilizer.
    (88) For dry or damaged hair, the hair can make the hair look thinner with a special moisturizing device, straightener, glue, humidifier or fragrance.
    (89) The "part" or "attachment" in Chapter 86 to 88, which is not applicable to parts and accessories that are not specifically or non -mainly used in these chapters Essence
    (90) The crime of virtual opening is accompanied by the special VAT and VAT invoice system.
    (91) Design a special medical equipment for treating congenital giant colon.
    (92) Proposal for building a digital television transmission network and radio and television management network.
    (93) Special accessories for multiple small towers and agricultural vehicle factories.
    (94) The bonding of ultrasonic switching head vibrations is used in foreign uniquely special glue stainless steel screws, not only It greatly extended the life of Zhenzi, and the cleaning effect was significantly improved.
    (95) Sterilizer production lines dedicated to drinking dairy, juice and other beverages.
    (96) This product also provides a special mold for producing the seamless stitching mesh stone. The mold design is clever and simple. It can processed the above -mentioned seamless stitching mesh.
    (97) It can achieve two types of opening in the inner flat and inner hanging through a dedicated component. It has good usefulness and safety. At the same time, it can achieve good ventilation performance. There is a adjustable ventilation in the evening.
    (98) The design calculation and installation design method of the special air conditioner of the communication computer room by introducing the characteristics of the communication computer room.
    (99) Through WPAR, it can now manage and create it more efficiently without having to allocate special equipment for it.
    (100) Main use: Hand -push -type cold spray wire is a special equipment for the construction of room temperature standard lines.
    (101) The dedicated wax mold fusion and correction fixture is designed to ensure the size and accuracy of the module and the casting.
    (102) In Amsterdam, almost everyone rides a bicycle. On a complex road, the car, bicycles and trams are drove hand to hand. Bicycles have their own special lanes, signal lights and parking garages.
    (103) By synthesizing the dual -ring pentadyne type unsaturated polyester resin, a new stone -specific adhesive.
    (104) Equipment use: This machine is a steel for the waste tire Special equipment for cutting and separation for the mouth, tire side and tire crown is the first process for handling waste tires.
    (105) This hotel with 40 rooms has five female -specific rooms, hidden behind a glass embedded board, and has a key card system at the entrance.
    (106) Page special sand belt is used to convert into various page wheels, flower types, dishes pull velvet, non -drying and other different types of products, and can also be converted into narrow sofa bands of different specifications.
    (107) Adopt high -level special tool steel materials, and after special quenching and annealing treatment.
    (108) For large or strategic exhibitions, the Singapore Exhibition Bureau will give a welcome speech on the directory of the exhibition catalog and Assist in retaining special space on airports and streets to provide recognition support.
    (109) The system settings of the dedicated root directory of the user's dedicated root directory were used to use alloy hard tooth plastic extruder.
    (111) Enjoy a diplomatic officer with exemptions, please take a special channel for diplomats.
    (112) Use the melting special equipment on the surface of the plasma bundle cylinder sleeve to make melting the boron cast iron cylinder case change. Strengthen the treatment.
    (113) Cruckets with cowhide fingers, special arrow targets and 10 arrows. Comrades who want to exercise or pull the wind, come, four districts in the city can discuss the goods.
    (114) The selection of cold -rolled rib steel bars is the key factor affecting the performance of cold -rolled rib steel bars, which introduces the technical development of cold -rolled rib reinforcement mother material.
    (115) The books, documents, and special prescription notes specified in the Regulations of these Regulations should be stored for five years.
    (116) Gates' team set up a dedicated budget file reading room.
    (117) Because there is no dedicated salvage tool, the ability to operate equipment is limited, and the cycle of handling accidents is often longer, and the effect is not ideal.
    (118) By using client virtualization, the user's entire PC environment runs on the shared server or special blade server in the data center, and the graphical display output is sent to the remote access device.
    (119) Leica said that he would not develop a small -scale wide -angle lens. It is impossible to reduce the transit ring that increases the brightness in the field.
    (120) The field test was adopted to study the effects of fermented blood powder, rotten rapeseed cake fertilizer and tobacco fertilizer on the growth and development of cigarettes, chemical quality and pathogenicity.

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