1 thought on “How far is it from Qingbaijiang Dajie South Road to Yinli Frozen Library?”

  1. This data comes from Baidu Map, and the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

    driving route: The whole journey is about 7.3 kilometers
    . Starting point: Dajie South Road
    1. Starting from the starting point to the southwest, drive 10 meters along Dajie South Road, turn left into Tuanjie East Road to the left
    2. Drive 340 meters along the Foundation East Road, turn right into the station road
    3. Travel 260 meters along the Tong Station, and turn to the Golden Road slightly to the left. , Turn right into Tonghui Road
    5. Traveling 680 meters along Tonghui Road, turn left to Dashi Road
    6. Travel 1000 meters along Dashi Road, too high earth bridge, turn right forward r
    7. Drive 340 meters, go straight into Tongxin Avenue
    8. Traveling 500 meters along Tongxin Avenue, turn right into the freight avenue
    9. Traveling 2.0 kilometers along the freight avenue The Avenue is 90 meters and reaches the end (on the right side of the road)
    : Sichuan Woxue refrigerated transportation set ...

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