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  1. 1. There is only one time in life, do not always perform supporting roles. Even if it is not the most dazzling one, I have my uniqueness.
    2. Life is the hero, so you must be strong. If you want to be a big device, you must not be timid.
    3. Beneathing others should be used as a person, and it is necessary to treat themselves under people.
    . The determination of life goals is easy to achieve, but if you do not act, then there may not be any realization.
    5. There is only one heroicism in the world, that is, they still love life after recognizing the truth of life.
    6. Life is not Lin Daiyu, and it will not be full of sadness.
    7. Knowing gratitude is the source of happiness. Knowing gratitude, you will find that everything around you is so beautiful.
    8. There are many such miracles in life. It seems that it is more difficult than climbing the sky. Sometimes it is easy to do it. The difference is the extraordinary belief.
    9. Even if you encounter the biggest misfortune in the world, the premise that can solve all difficulties is -alive. Only when you are alive can there be hope. No matter how painful and sad, as long as you can live hard, everything will be better.
    10. The real successful life is not the size of achievement, but whether you work hard to realize yourself, shout your own voice, and get out of your own path.
    11. You don't like me, I don't mind at all. Because I survive, it is not to please you!
    12. People live to solve difficulties. This is the meaning of life and the content of life. Escape is not a way. It is often the best way to solve problems.
    13. If you want to win, you must not be afraid of losing. Not afraid of losing, the result may not be able to win. But afraid of losing, the result must be losing.
    14. The active person believes that only by promoting yourself can the world be promoted, as long as you promote yourself, you can promote the world.
    15. There is no clear black and white in this society, but more of the gray zone, so you choose to be silent, not sad or not, everything is natural, and just without desire. Many times I don't like to bring glasses, just walking vaguely, but I feel sick when I see it clearly. If you do n’t want to criticize what, it also allows beauty and ugly to exist at the same time, opposition and unity. In fact, many people seem to be the same. Not much to say, I hope everyone lives simple and lives happily every day.
    16. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer; what is success? It is to walk through all the roads that lead to failure. There is only one way left, which is the road of success.
    17. No matter what you are encountering, you have to stand up from the downstream and revive the fanfare, continue to keep your enthusiasm, and continue to smile, just like never injured.
    18. I always believe in one sentence: Only when I am strong enough can I be trampled by others.
    19. If you want to retreat, God will have long eyes in our backs
    20. Life is also combined, and it can also be corrupted. I want to burn and exhaust all the light.

  2. Inspirational words from the work group
    This facing the most difficult problem may be to achieve your life topic.

    The rewards that are not used to motivate work in the world. All rewards are only used to prize the results of the work.

    Is when the labor you pay does not get money and material returns, you can definitely get the equivalent spiritual pleasure.

    It if there are no friends in life, just like there is no sun in career.

    The road of fantasy is always prepared for people with faith.

    . To get praise from others, you have to admire others first.

    This is ruthless, do not want to be ease: Don't be afraid of changing: don't get lost, you should take a shot.

    everyone wants to know what the mountain is. In fact, there is nothing there. When climbing up, I felt that it was better here.

    The happiness to understand sharing, double ability. This is the reason why the Three Gorges Online always "count the life and share classics".

    This in life does not have a desperate situation. The desperation lies in your own heart.

    The people should be kind to others when you are frustrated.

    The success is insignificant compared with the success of tame yourself. All failures are insignificant compared to their failure.

    The talent there, I used the work of drinking coffee in work.

    people, memorization cannot be remembered, notes can increase knowledge; revenge can increase trouble.

    The success is not only in the future, but from the moment you decide to do it, it continues to accumulate.

    This to face the past with the least regret. Face the present with the least splurge. Face the future with the most dreams.

    This do not complain about what happened.

    The real value is not on the stage of life, but in the role we play.

  3. Qunfa's inspirational sentence Daquan

    1, anyone can be vicious, as long as you have tasted what is jealous.

    2, who will remember after three years ------

    3, ◎ What am I yours? You are my cup. Ah, I am just a cup? In this way, I can hold you in my palm.

    4. In the most chaotic night, a person always likes to pursue the bottom

    5, the accidental accidental occurrence.

    6, when you and I was forest, you and I are young and not afraid of the long time.

    7. Life is like a door. Some people are pessimistic in the darkness inside the door, but some people are optimistic about the tranquility inside the door; some people are sad and rainy outside the door, but some people are happy outside the door.

    8, some people will stay on their hearts for some time to bring warmth to each other.

    9. Since I have no position to care about you, I have to worry about you.

    10, ideal to observe life with a smile; ideal makes you stubbornly resist destiny. Ideal makes you forget your hair early

    11, I am me, as for what you think of me, neither need nor necessary.

    12, do not need to be more for reading, but request refinement. ——This is the common experience of scholars. ——The Deng Tuo

    13, flowers are weak and naive. They want to protect themselves as much as possible. They thought that with a thorn, they would look very powerful ... - "Little Prince" Zhou Libo has a statement in the cheap

    14. n
    15, quiet autumn, beautiful weekend. Borrow a little leisurely from the fine time to cut a gorgeous blessing for you. May the beautiful dreams accompany you to sleep, happy heart to accompany you, and the feeling of happiness permeated in your chest.

    16, normal up and down relationships, which means alienation in the officialdom!

    17, the so -called fate is to meet you in the right time.

    18, two toads on the whip -can't stand the beat

    19, today is my son and great joy. Thank you very much for getting everyone's blessings.

    20, the rose blooms quietly, and the violet is quietly thanked. It is also quietly spreading, drowning and suppression, but chewing. I'm silent, no longer leave ...

  4. 1. Don't envy others' lives, what you see is not everything they experience. You only envy their glorious appearance, but you can't see the price and efforts they pay for it. Life does not have to have a shocking plot before it is called wonderful. Everyone is playing the idol drama with their own protagonist. In this play, no one can replace your role and drama.

    2. When you succeed, your story is the legend; when you fail, your story is a joke; when you give up, your story is just a case; when you refuse, your There is only a blank space left; when you go all out, your story will be a good memory ... If you dare not even think about it, you have no qualifications to lose.

    3, the most important thing about life is success but value; not what you get, but what you pay; not what you learned, but what you taught! The real value of life is not on the stage of life, but in the role we play today. The glory of the past is also a bunch of withered flowers. Although today's life is ordinary, it is a seed full of vitality.

    4, I went to work today, and tomorrow, this is a career; I went to work today, and tomorrow, this is a career! I drank it today, and I wanted to drink tomorrow. This is a friend; I drink it today, and I have to drink tomorrow. This is a customer! I have eaten today, I want to eat tomorrow, this is food; I have eaten today, I have to eat tomorrow, this is rice!

    5, hard work is to jump out, the circle you hate. Reading is to stay away, slag goods and garbage people. Fitness is to let the fool talk to you calmly. Only becoming a better self, the world is yours.

    6, May, thank you for surviving, the days when you cry at night and silently collapse; in June, I hope you embrace your negative energy yourself and let all the bitterness of the future. Good morning, come on

    7. If you have talent, you can pursue big dreams; if you feel that your ability is limited, talent is not enough to support your ambitions, then calm down, pierce the small failure of the small failure In frustration, draw nutrition. Remember: If you need to reflect, you must not work hard on your dreams, wandering, but to lie on your talents and try to reflect on why it cannot be plump.

    8. At any stage of life, you should like that time, complete the responsibilities that should be completed at that stage, do it, do not add to the past, do not farewell to the future, look forward to the future, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life That's fine. No matter what kind of struggle and challenges are experiencing, maybe we have only one choice: although it is painful, we still have to be happy and believe in the future.

    9. Is the dream that has been a little older? Is the road to chase? It is not terrible to lose anything in this world. The only terrible thing is to lose your heart and lose your courage. As long as you fight hard, as long as your eyes look at the future, life will always belong to you, and the glory of life will always belong to you.

    10, it is very philosophical when I hear a sentence: "Men don't think there are many spare tires, because it is only necessary to break the tire to break the tire. Women should not think that there are many pursuers how proud, because only there are It is cheap and cheap to be robbed! "So make a limited edition

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