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  1. You need to apply to the Chamber of Commerce to agree.
    The Miaogi Chamber of Commerce in Liyang County is a social group that belongs to the seedlings industry. In September 2015, it was approved by the Liyang County Agricultural Committee. The Chamber of Commerce adheres to the scientific concept of development, is committed to improving the degree of organizationalization and industrialization of the seedling industry, and conscientiously fulfilling the basic mission of "communicating supply and demand information, exchanging work experience, expanding the purchase and selling business, and maintaining membership rights." The members of the Chamber of Commerce are the producers, operators, and the greening builders of Puyang seedlings. The types of members are group members, unit members and individual members. The high -power institutions of the Chamber of Commerce are membership congresses, decision -making agencies are councils, legal representatives are presidents, and daily affairs are chaired by the Secretary -General. The registered place of the Chamber of Commerce is in Puyang. In order to be close to the grassroots, close to the farmers, and close to the market, to better serve the seedlings industry, in 2015, the Miao and Tim Chamber of Commerce in Puyang County was officially settled in Xinhe Town, Liyang County, and realized the close combination of county -level industry organizations and work objects. Business category of chamber of commerce:

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