Three sales characteristics and two competition models in the fast -moving consumer goods industry.

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  1. Three characteristics of the fast -moving consumer goods industry:

    1. Convenience.

    Due to the low price of consumer goods. For example, when I bought toothpaste last time, I bought it directly from the small supermarket downstairs. Therefore, the decision -making is very light. I bought it nearby.

    2. Visual.

    The fast -moving consumer goods can be easily affected by visual factors. For example, the appearance of a lipstick; the atmosphere of the store, some shops will play music, or when we see that many people here will buy things when they buy things. Such consumption is emotional consumption.

    3. Low loyalty:

    because of the characteristics of low price decision -making, consumers' loyalty is not high. It's easy to like the new and hate the old. For example, the shampoos I bought include Germany's Adoff, the secret words of the water of the Shengtangtang, and so on.

    The competition mode in the fast -moving consumer goods industry:

    1. Brand marketing.

    The bombardment of customers with TV advertisements and other marketing methods, so that customers will be mentally impressed by the brand. For example, before the Jiangsu Satellite TV "If You Are the One" cleaning up with Sassoon, let customers continue to form a brand impression on Sassoon.

    2. Sales channels.

    multi -channel sales.

    It, two, three, four, and five cities, various agents. Large supermarkets to street hawkers are their sales channels.

    M n, after constantly instilling the brand concept of the customer, you also have to allow customers to buy your product.

    The stock price growth in the past few years is lower than the growth rate of the market, mainly because

    1. Positioning: Customers are not deeply impressed by the brand.

    For example, I don't even know that Sassoon, Pan Ting, and Hai Feisi, which I often use, turned out to be cleaning companies. Do not really occupy the customer's mind in brand positioning. No core products. It is more to occupy the customer's mind for the product without occupying the brand's mind.

    2. Convenience: impact in the Internet era.

    Mioshang to promote various brands like bamboo shoots, and the dislike of domestic goods has led everyone to start choosing purchasing. And the emergence of various online sales platforms give everyone more choices and constantly weaken the loyalty of customers. Fake goods are also endless.

    3. Wide sales channels.

    It cannot be privately customized. For example, Jiajieshi soap can be bought in the countryside, and some people feel more low.

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