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  1. The pharmaceutical industry entered the recovery period. According to the "Analysis of the Economic Operations of my country's Pharmaceutical Industry in the First Half of 2007" announced by the National Development and Reform Commission, in the first half of this year, the pharmaceutical industry began to recover. This is the first time that the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a bombardment after the pharmaceutical industry has experienced wind frost and rain in the previous two years. In the first half of this year, the operation of the pharmaceutical industry was growing rapidly in production and sales, and the benefits increased more. From January to June of this year, the total industrial output value was 310 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.5%. Among them, the growth rate of sub -industries such as traditional Chinese medicine drinking slices, sanitary materials and pharmaceutical supplies, chemicals, biochemical drugs and medical instruments, and equipment manufacturing is higher than the average level of the industry; the sales output value is 291.3 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 22.7%. At the same time, from January to May, the industry achieved profit of 19.8 billion yuan, an increase of 36.1%year-on-year, and it was at the best level since the "Fifth Fifteenth". According to the data forecast of the pharmaceutical industry throughout the year of the SFDA Southern Medical Economy Research Institute, the overall benefits of my country's pharmaceutical industry have improved significantly in the first half of this year. It is expected that the total output value of the pharmaceutical industry will exceed 600 billion yuan, an increase of 17.8%to 18.5%year -on -year The entire industry is still in a steady growth. The recovery of the pharmaceutical industry was also reflected in the quarterly report of pharmaceutical listed companies. According to the data, compared with the data of the third quarter report of the pharmaceutical industry this year, compared with the semi -annual report data, the profit growth of the third quarter report of the pharmaceutical industry has accelerated. From January to June 2007, the main business revenue of listed companies in the pharmaceutical industry increased by 15.3%year-on-year, and net profit increased by 43.5%year-on-year. From January to September 2007, the listing of 121 pharmaceutical industry achieved main business revenue increased year-on-year 16.5%, realizing net profit increased by 60.7%year -on -year. The improvement of the industry's prosperity provides a solid foundation for the hype of the sector. The medical reform will promote the major development of the industry. Although the medical reform plan has not yet been officially introduced, its basic goals are very clear. At present, the newly supported new rural cooperative medical system, the zero difference in community medical institutions, and the basic medical insurance for urban residents. It has been launched first and achieved good results, and medical insurance will be out. The eighth part of the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that "accelerating the establishment of a social security system covering urban and rural residents" to ensure the basic life of the people. Establish a basic medical and health system. In the next 10 years, China will achieve the goal of everyone's basic medical insurance. On March 21 this year, the State Council discussed and approved the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" of the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" of the Development of Health. The outline states that during the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" period, it is necessary to initially establish a framework of the basic health care system covering urban and rural residents in the country, including a more standardized public health service system, new rural health cooperation medical systems and county, townships, and villages. The service system, a relatively complete urban community health service system, a more standardized national basic drug system and a public hospital management system. At the same time, the state has repeatedly emphasized that the government will increase investment in existing medical institutions or future grass -roots medical institutions, including community hospitals and rural hospitals. At present, the expenditure of health expenses in my country accounts for only 4.7%of GDP, which is far behind the level of developed countries. Due to the increase in government investment, the problem of "difficult to see a doctor" and "expensive medical treatment" will gradually be resolved, prompting people to be released by the original suppressed medical care needs. It can be said that the medical reform will bring huge development opportunities to the pharmaceutical market. It is expected that the pharmaceutical industry will still maintain a rapid development trend in the future, and all pharmaceutical sub -industries will benefit from this, especially medical circulation and medical equipment. After adjusting the defense variety in the city road, after 5.30, the trend is significantly lagging behind the market, especially after experiencing the rapid decline since the beginning of October. New lows during the year, and the cumulative decline was large. At present, after a round of plunge, the index has fallen by more than 20%, showing that the short -term market short momentum has been released to a certain extent. We believe that in the market adjustment of the market road, investors choose more defensive strategies, and the pharmaceutical sector, as a typical defensive variety, is expected to be favored by the funding of the industry in the context of industry recovery and medical reform policy One of the goals. In the choice of pharmaceutical stocks, investors can start from the following aspects. First of all, the industry leading enterprises have a steady growth in performance. At present, the price -earnings ratio is low. After a round of sharp decline, the valuation advantage is reproduced. Secondly, the direct benefit of medical reform. With the enlargement of the demand for rural markets and community medical markets, those basic drugs with low prices and significant curative effects will be amplified, and high -quality and high -quality drug manufacturers will become the largest beneficiary in medical reform. In addition, after the medical reform plan is introduced, after the local governments are concentrated, each place will choose 2 to 3 pharmaceutical distribution enterprises for unified distribution. Small circulation companies will face the fate of being eliminated, and pharmaceutical circulation companies can pay attention to. Finally, the stocks with overlook and low -cost pharmaceutical stocks and individual stocks with incremental funds are also worthy of investors' attention.

  2. The scientific selection is only the first step in the construction of the OA system. Next, the most important part is to implement it. The implementation cycle of most OA systems is very long. Good implementation services are also factor that companies need to focus on the OA system.
    The B/s structure is currently OA. Compared with other historical periods and other large software systems, OA is used in the most mature period in China. Habits, we use its technical foundation.
    promoting OA is a hand -made project, which requires the attention and promotion of leadership. Employees are required to use OA. On the other hand, leaders must lead by example and change traditional office habits. It may be reverse here. Employees hope that leaders can cooperate, otherwise everyone will not use it because the leaders do not have a document. (Why is it a handmade project? Because OA is a management software, it is a change in the traditional office model, and it can affect the office mode of the entire team. There is only one hand. ; Order the assistant to implement OA full right to implement, plan, and promote OA; the first leader takes the lead.)
    standing at the height of the income to look at OA implementation, that is, the implementation of OA is to have benefits, otherwise why should we invest; since then we have to invest; There are benefits, then we can advance step by step, and each step must produce stage results. For example, formulating a promotion plan, starting from several months, no paper notification or official document will be issued, and information or approval documents are obtained in OA.
    don't expect it to be used in the future. This is the characteristic of software applications. As long as it is not used when it starts, it will basically not be picked up in the future. Looking at the experience of most domestic software projects in more than ten years, this law is basically no exception.
    not afraid of "turbulent", avoid negative management, but actively manage, first put it, and promote and promote the enthusiasm of grass -roots employees. (The logic of negative management is -some applications may bring some chaos, so do n’t use it with a knife; the logic of positive management is that even if some applications may bring some negative effects, for informationization, it is for informationization. For the improvement of office efficiency, and in order to improve the overall ability, we still need to use these functions, just more management. The wise person of the person in charge will choose to manage it.) For example Image, video files, and so on, start to promote OA application from interest.
    The cases of collaborative office systems are very successful, so don't worry about it. For example, the cost of saving the office for one million yuan a year, and at the same time, there are 400 or five hundred people online. The user has a lot of dependence on OA. If one day cannot be on OA, the work will be affected and the work is very uncomfortable. Then It shows that the application of this collaborative office system has been successful.

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