Boundce on 2 Strategy

Guiqiu's game strategy of the iPhone mini-game BOUNCE on 2, or only the strategy of 1-13 levels (the same level as Super Mary, where did there be 19 diamonds to find)

2 thoughts on “Boundce on 2 Strategy”

  1. Like Super Mary, there will be diamonds similar to the top gold coins yellow, and there will be diamonds, and there will be a ball like a zombie. If this is still a lot of lack of it, then you should not enter the ground. The last pillar of half of the pillars (that is, the place where the superbes are giving out). When I go up, I will find that it is the entrance, and the remaining gold coins are all inside. I like this level the most, I feel nostalgic

  2. The 1st to 13th levels are just the simple level of the first level. I hit the last level, and the difficulty inside made me speechless. Essence Essence Essence Essence A BOSS for 75 keys to unlock is a green box. The background of the place where the key chooses is blue. He is actually a DiffCult (difficult) glass next to the red. Give you a ninja later, the green box will become a plane and throw a small thunder. No speech. too difficult. But the two previous levels are still very simple, I wish you good luck.

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