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  1. James, the first person in NBA, although 36 years old, but James is James. Each choice of him will greatly affect the development of the NBA. In James's career, he joined the Cavaliers, Hot Teams, Lakers, super high income and his sense of responsibility for the family. Every time James bought a mansion in a timely manner for a comfortable living environment for his family.
    I believe that many fans still remember that James staged a story about how much money was money last year. After the inquiry, James called $ 54 million to buy his second mansion in Los Angeles. Perhaps in order to alleviate the pressure of cash, James also sold the luxury homes that had been effective when he played for the Heat at a price of $ 13.4 million. SO, the question is here, buy a house in Los Angeles, sell the Miami luxury house, why does James sell the Cleveland mansion? So, I would like to listen to me to listen to me.
    Maishe in Los Angeles and selling Miami luxury homes, why does James sell the Cleveland mansion?
    Why didn't James sell Cleveland's mansion? First of all, Cleveland and Miami are different. James is the son of Aklen, where he is his hometown. After retiring in the future, James may have lived in large cities like Los Angeles for a long time, but just like our rural homesteads, even if there are luxury homes in other places, the homestead cannot be lost, right? And James has a lot of public welfare careers in Cleveland, such as James's university, library, etc., and old Zhan will inevitably put more time on it after retiring, so Lao Zhan needs a foothold?
    It, James is not like this. Many fans think they are not bad, why do they sell Miami's house? Selling Miami's real estate, one is that James has little connection with Miami in the future, and the other is from the perspective of investment. James Miami's luxury house has fallen from 16 million to 13.4 million. What about Cleveland's mansion? Although it is large, because of the geographical location of the Cleveland town, this luxury house is worth $ 200-3 million. For James, this cannot be changed at all, so it is not necessary to sell this property.

    The biggest reason for the luxury house that does not sell Cleveland is that this is the hometown. The city of Cleveland is printed in James's bones. Last year, the owner of the Cavaliers made a lot of money. He also shouted in the air and needed James to return to the Cavaliers. Even if he signed a day contract with the Cavaliers before retirement, Cleveland expects their children to go home. We also look forward to this. A scene can happen in the future.

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