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  1. Everyone in the line knows that the form of fluctuations in the stock price is countless K -line connections, so the signal presented by the changing of the K -line form has greatly helped our transactions. Of course, not every K-line is guiding for our transactions. Today we talk about the intensive significance of the transaction-the cross starline. Before the beginning, first share a heavy dry goods, the selected bull stock list of the institution is very open, and the parties are directly collected: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the time -limited speed leads! Intersection Intersection
    What is the cross star
    The price or index opening price during a period is the same or similar to the closing price, which is a very small entity in shape or there is no entity. The word "ten" is similar to the "Cross Star" in the textbook, but in the actual operation, the cross star is not the same as seeing the ten. Some entities and upper and lower shadow lines are asymmetric, and they can be asymmetric. The cross star, the picture below is displayed:

    . Although there are various forms, you know the basic logic, no matter what the cross star will, you can easily grasp it. In general, the K -line form will be regarded as the result of the multiple and short parties that fight against each other to seize the site. The shadow line represents the offensive of multiple hair and the lower shadow line. The attack was launched first, and they were ultimately forced to return to the initial position of both parties. So, why are cross -star diversity? Because the offense of both parties will not discuss how many meters of attacks, and this offense is completely without order, but the end result is that it is evenly matched. In the absence of a cross star, if you want to know if the stock in the hand is long occupation in the future, bringing up or short, and a decline, you can directly click on the link to get the diagnosis report: [Free] Test one test one test one test Your current valuation location?
    . What is the meaning of the cross stars in different circumstances, the corresponding operation
    1, the rising/falling cross star
    If you are a cross star you met during the rise, you must be careful at this time The cross star is a representative of evenly matched, but it is bulls that the Plains occupies the upper hand during the rise! Now the bulls are equivalent to the shortness, which shows that the multi -party forces have begun to reduce the trend, and the power of the empty side begins to enhance. Then the trend is very likely to reverse. Tell us to sell it and pay attention. Conversely, if you encounter a cross star in the process of falling, you need to buy it,
    2, high/low cross star
    The higher the number of cross stars, the more and more occurrence of the cross star, indicating that the future will show that in the future The market market has changed a lot. It is easy to understand. The more the bulls go up, the closer to the short -term base camp is closer, and it is easier to usher in a short crit to cause a decline. Therefore out. On the contrary, this is the case.
    3, volume/shrinking cross star
    The volume energy is the activity of transaction. The two -and -short battle is more intense than usual. Stars have no reference significance at all, and we have to pay attention to the cross star. However, the cross -stars cannot be practical alone, combining 1 point and 2 points above. For example, at a high volume cross star, the volume actually means that the multi -headed displacement is greater for the air site, but there is no wish to be willing. Sold a stronger signal. On the contrary, this is the case.
    4, Yang Line/Yin Line Cross
    The cross stars are yang lines or yin lines. In specific operations, the analysis is not significant. Therefore Without fruit, each has its own advantages. The first thing is when it will appear when it will appear, then it is rising or down, and the high position is still low. Therefore, the yang line and the yin line do not need to discuss too much to prevent greed. Of course, in addition to the cross star, I have a way to determine the sale signal more accurately. This must -have artifact of this stock trading is clear at a glance. n response time: 2021-09-25, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

  2. This is based on the K -line theory. The combination of the previous K -line is called the pregnancy line.
    Id the market may rise or fall.
    Generally, the next K line appears to be similar to the previous yang or yin column.

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