What should I do if my dog ​​is too dependent on me?

My dog ​​is very close to me, but once I am not at home, she will keep calling until I get home. I am very troublesome, which will affect my family rest, and I am worried that the dog will be sick.

5 thoughts on “What should I do if my dog ​​is too dependent on me?”

  1. It is estimated that you usually love it too much, let it depend on you too much, and suffer from separation anxiety (this is the common psychiatric disease of many family pet dogs now).
    The treatment plan:
    . Do not rush to play with it when you go home, let it understand that its status is not the first, it is not as important as it is for you;
    2. Buy some dogs that dogs like to let it play by themselves and cultivate its independence;
    . Find a piece of clothes you have to stay alone after you leave. It will relatively reduce the anxiety of some owners' absence;
    . In the case of conditions permit, you can find a companion.

  2. If you buy another one for it, she will not rely on you. Absolutely effective!
    I had a dog training, and the taboo of training dogs is a non -single dog

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