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  1. When the temperature drops, the dog is trembling because it is cold. If the environmental temperature is good, the dog is still shaking. This is why

    . R n When the temperature is too low, the dog will tremble because of the cold, especially puppies, elderly dogs, short -haired dogs, and dogs who have lived under the warm climate for a long time.

    Is when the temperature is reduced, the owner should take warm measures for these dogs, such as preparing appropriate clothes, giving its kernel nest, and a thick cushion on the place where they are lying on their stomachs.

    . Dogs are afraid and fear

    The dogs are suddenly frightened, mistakenly caught on the spot, reaches a strange place or go to the hospital for injections, etc. These are scared, nervous, and uneasy about these, and the dogs will tremble constantly.

    This do not treat the dog as fun as a fun, which is not good for dogs. After it makes mistakes, it is still necessary to punish and the lesson, but after it knows the mistake, it still comforts it to avoid it leaving shadows. If the dog is trembling because of fear, the owner wants to soothe it so that it has a sense of security.

    . The dog is sick

    In a familiar and warm living environment, the dog is still trembling. , It may be a neuromuscular disease or symptoms of the later stages of canine plague, it is best to take it to the hospital to see.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I am a Chinese national practicing veterinarian Dr. Bestbo. I have worked in clinical practice for many years and I am glad to communicate with you ~ I will solve the problem for you next. Thank you for your trust. Please explain your problems and explain the gender of pets, types, age, sterilization, deworming, and whether immunity is fulfilled. So that I can help you do a better diagnosis. Reminder: On Baidu's communication as a rolling wheel, you can only send 6 times on your side. Please describe the situation you want to know in detail every time you speak, and pay attention to the number of times to avoid helping you solve the problem.nAsk the dog to take a big breath and shake backnThen incontinencenAre you therenAnswer. How old is the dog? What kind of variety? Is it explained outside after going out? Is there still consciousness now? Can I walk around myself? High body temperature?nQuestion Tu DognNormal body temperaturenWalknAnswer your questioning only six times, saying that you better say a little more each time. The specific situation of the dog needs to be described in detail. It is mainly afraid that the dog will go out and come back. Eat something that should not be eaten, causing poisoning to eat something that should not be eaten, leading to poisoning.nDogs are likely to pick up things outside, leading to poisoning. Or is it injured after being sent out after going out? The nerve was damaged and incontinence occurred. It is recommended that you take the dog to the hospital in time for inspection to perform the X -ray nucleus for biochemical examination to determine that the dog is damaged and treat it according to the specific damage. If there is no condition to go to the hospital, I suggest you drink more dogs. Clean water allows him to replenish a lot, can metabolize in the body, and see if the situation is good. You can add some glucose to the water to add some physical strength.nPay attention to keep the dog warm. Eat some simple, digestible foods. Drink a lot of water. These methods are just some temporary methods to go to the hospital. The best way is to go to the hospital to get professional treatment and examination.nMore 9nBleak

  3. Dogs trembling, what's going on? Dogs trembling and panting may be that there are problems with the respiratory tract. You should go to Chongyi Hospital to check him well. It is best to treat it in time

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