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  1. The puppy who just bought home, 20 days ago, is mainly adaptable to the environment. At this time, its individual antibody has extremely low function, and its diseased and new environmental diseases are the most likely to infect dogs. Everyone remember not to spoil its own diet, do not clean it for the United States, do not play for unlimited, do not use any needle for health. At the same time, everyone must understand that in the past twenty days, health is guaranteed by careful and regular care, not relying on drugs and treatment. Diseases and treatment are indispensable, but for puppies without new environmental adaptability, drugs and treatment are not necessarily good, but may be a fatal blow. First, dietary requirements 1. It is best to focus on the appropriate brand of dog food. The reason is that puppies are not eaten too much, dog food has comprehensive nutrition, saving effort, effort and worry. 2. If unconditional, you can feed porridge and other foods that are easy to digest. In order to strengthen its appetite and nutritional ingredients, a small amount of accessories it loves can be added, such as vegetable juice, foam, or a little chicken liver foam. 3. In the first week, feed an appropriate amount of VC every day or supplement vitamins with other suitable foods to improve resistance. Note: Avoid foods such as meat, ordinary milk, ham, broken bones, etc. difficult to digest; avoid eating enough, avoid eating after exercise. Tip: After chewing yourself, puppies can eat things, such as: ordinary bread, biscuits, Sha Qima, etc., feed it in your hands to eat, good for the puppy’s body (you can’t be sick), it is easy to digest Hey, you can also strengthen your feelings, easy to obedient. This is not necessary to feed very small dogs, such as dolls and Bumei, just don’t feed too much. Second, the environmental temperature requires the initial purchase of the dog’s living environment. It has a decisive effect on its survival. The temperature is too high and too low, or the temperature difference is too large, which will cause their physical discomfort. Decrease in resistance and induces other epidemics. The control temperature is mainly to pay attention to adjusting its living environment, keeping warm in winter and keeping temperature; pay attention to ventilation in summer, and keep cool. 1. When you buy a pet dog, try not to take the dog more. One is to be infected with dispersed germs, and the other is the disease that is easily affected by temperature. If the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, don’t take it out to go out; if you must bring it out, it is not suitable to blow off. It is not advisable to play too long. 2. Regardless of the indoor temperature, it is necessary to ensure that it has a warm nest, so that it feels cold and cold when it is cold. In winter, the method can be added to the nest with floccope and pads. In addition, if the temperature is not enough, you can use the air conditioning, hot water bottle, electric heating, etc. in the south; To gradually change the environment in the nest, do not change the temperature difference too much; in summer, pay attention to ventilation, so as not to let the heat stroke and water shortage. 3. Do not use large tile digital bulbs to keep warm to heating. This is used by most pet shops. It is not suitable for families. It is not good for the first purchase of dogs. 4. Frequent cleaning, disinfection in the nest, drying, cleaning! Do not wear clothes indoors to avoid reducing its adaptability and resistance; you can put clothes according to the external conditions. 5. Pay attention to changing its sleeping habits, keep it in the nest when maintaining good conditions, keep it sleeping in the nest. When the weather is not good, try not to let it sleep around. Third, the twenty days of daily care, do not take a bath with water. Wash it with dry washing powder every five days. When washing, brush with a brush for a while. Do not play too much, make it overworked. The most important thing is to care for the disease.

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