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  1. The cat has flea treatment methods as follows:
    1. The home is completely cleaned. Especially in the corner of the house, the edge of the wooden floor, the wool between the carpet and the blanket must be carefully cleaned. In this way, if you don't have to clear it, you can hang the insecticard or put the insecticide under the carpet and blanket in the house. However, the insecticidal board is not only the nemesis of fleas, but it is harmful to people and cats and dogs, so it must be the flea at home.
    2. The countermeasures to eliminate fleas are to keep the cat and dog body clean. The shampoo and care liquid specifically used to kill fleas are used to deal with those fleas that are also cleaning with combats. When washing, wet from scratch little by little, so that the flea had no way to escape.
    3, cats who don't like to take a bath, give it flea powder. Flea powder for cats and dogs may contain harmless but harmful ingredients to cats, so it is dedicated to cats. Separate the hair of the flea's ears and the root of the abdomen, insert it into the flea powder, and then sort out with the brush. Sprinkle every 2-3 days, and you cannot sprinkle every day.
    4, 250 grams of fresh citrus peel, cut it into a broken end with a knife, wrap it with gauze to squeeze out the bitter juice with sour taste. Dilute the juice with 500 grams of boiling water and stir well. After cold, spray it on the cat and dog, or use a towel to wet on the cat and dog with a towel. Lose.
    5, when combing the fur of the cat and dog, there may be flea stuck in the comb. Do not crush it at this time, but stick to the rubber strip or put it in the water with detergent. If it is crushed, the barrier eggs in the flea will fly out, and may be licked into the body by cats and dogs.

  2. You can order flea medicine and use flea comb.
    Pymal method: 1. If the cat already has fleas, it is necessary to rely on flea medicine to kill fleas. Most of the flea medicine is alcohol. The cat will spit out foam after licking it, so you must click on the place where the cat ca n’t lick, that is, the back of the neck, try to use it on the skin.
    2. The effect of removing flea medicine takes some time. At this time, you can use fleas to comb the flea on the cat. The flea comb is hard, and the teeth are dense, so that the flea stuck on the cat hair can be combed. After combing the flea, soak it into the soapy water, otherwise the flea will jump away.
    3. In the summer of the flea breeding in the summer, regularly use a vacuum cleaner to clean the cat's environment with a vacuum cleaner. For example: cat's nest, cat grabbing board, carpet. Continuously cleaning at least one month can significantly improve the problem of flea.

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