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  1. I am talking about my experience in clothing design. Your clothing is in supermarket sales generally 20-45 years old women rarely buy clothing in supermarkets. Your customer group is mainly students and middle-aged and elderly people. Middle -aged and elderly people are mainly cheap and cheap, students like colorful, fashionable and cute, and cheap. I suggest that you change in the display:
    1, make a small booth in the area where you sell. This booth is best to effectively intercept customers in the supermarket.
    2, your booth is best to refer to the window of the mall, such as getting luggage, accessories, etc. to set off your clothing. Package your ordinary clothing. Be sure to iron it carefully. The display of the big brand's window is really a lot of effort in ironing. The effect of packing your clothes into luxury goods.
    3, I suggest that you must choose the costumes of the booth, not too expensive. The attractiveness of the price is the king. It is best to get the original price and draw the fork and write the current price.
    4, the intercepted customers will also visit your clothing area by the way, adjust your goods from the way, there are stacked, putting, and matching. There must be adjustments in color.
    This, I am busy, I hope it will be helpful to you

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