1 thought on “Furniture sales techniques and words are exposed, and direct sales of people's hearts”

  1. Sales is an emotional communication, an ordinary salesman, selling products; a good salesman sells value; and a sales crown, sales are emotion.

    Is a client who walked into a furniture store, and the salesperson of the booth introduced the product very enthusiastically, but the customer was not moving, just watching, not talking, even the salesperson gave up. Essence At this time, the client walked into an old -selling booth.

    Old sales: "Mr., hello, it looks like you should be an expert in this industry?"

    Customer: "No."
    n n n n n n n n n n n R n Old sales: "So, which industry are you from?"

    Customer: "You can't think of it, I am slaughtered."

    old sales of old sales : "Great, I have been thinking, where did the pork we eat come from? Can you tell me?"

    So In the end, the customer bought a sofa along the guidance of the old sales.

    Sometimes sales are really not selling products. It sells an emotion. Why do customers answer old sales? Because the old sales respected him in the title of expert, even if it was wrong, customers were easy to accept. Then the old sales guided the occupation of customers and discovered the interests of customers. And the hot talk, even friends who meet late. In the end, the customer purchased the product introduced by the old sales. Recently, I read a book "I tell you everything". The author is Lan Xiaoyu, and the case inside is very practical.

    This sales are not selling products for selling products. The main body of the product is human, so we must be people -centered and any sales actions must meet customer needs. In human needs, emotional needs are missing every customer. As long as we meet him, sales will not be difficult. If you want to learn more sales skills or have good ways to share, welcome to join us to communicate together, Junyang 530778154, remark 136. There are some questions and answers to sales masters, and there are many their experience sharing cases. Everyone communicates and improves together. Junyang's management is relatively strict, and you look at the remarks.

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