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  1. Proper

    The position Overview: Responsible for designing the various props required for organizing films or programs, responsible for preparing props budgets, and responsible for producer and acceptance for specific items that are difficult to solve.

    Position responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for preparing props budget;
    2, responsible for the producer and acceptance of props.

    Basic requirements:
    1. With certain literary and artistic accomplishment and historical knowledge, understand the relevant props in different historical periods;
    2, have certain artistic understanding and innovative thinking ability, work, work Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork awareness and spirit.

  2. Essence Prepare the special props needed in the film,
    , if it is a horror movie,
    The ones and skeletons are responsible for those who break their hands and skeletons.

    It in costume dramas, of course, you are responsible for those sword stick sticks.

  3. The prop is responsible for the art creation of the props department. Design, organization, production, and purchase of various props. The assistant is a prop, assisting the props to prepare the props in each scene, maintain the current props, ensure the connection during jump shooting, and install and adjust the dismantling props. There are also plant props and animal props. Fireworks belong to the category of props, but some have fireworks technicians, and the landscape also belongs to the category of props, including woodworking, tilers, paint workers, electric welders, curtains, mounting workers and other technicians.
    Another important thing is a stuntmaster. Some are classified as the director group, the action director in martial arts dramas, and some of them are the art group, which is responsible for the stunt style in film and television dramas. Now the concept of a stalemist has changed a lot, because of the widespread use of digital technology, the content of stunts has also become diverse. Many of them appear in later production.

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