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  1. How to attract customers in restaurants
    The how to attract customers in restaurants. Many experienced operators always rush to renovate after finding the right store, and open immediately. However, the grinding knife cuts the firewood by mistake. If you want to run a restaurant for a long time, you should avoid having a rush. The following understands how the dining shop attracts customers.
    Mades to attract customers' tricks 1 first, use challenges, discount marketing
    It in catering marketing methods, discount promotions are common and effective. The key is how you plan. If you are still simple and rude, you will often lose money to make money. If you play more, you will degrade yourself.
    , if you jump out of inertia and change the gameplay, it will often bring unexpected publicity effects to the restaurant.
    If open a hand shop, you can have ten hands, that is, after eating a bowl of dumplings within ten mouthfuls, you can discount or send a drink after success.
    Similarly, you can also make a minute of rice noodles across the bridge. People who can eat rice noodles are heroes, so they must be free! For lobster shops, there will be one minute of lobster peeling competition, and the lobster that the winner peels will be eaten for free.

    . The second, use random events to guide customers to use them
    The most successful marketing is to make your customers feel that they have used it, but in fact, you get more important than a single business than a single business. Things, such as recognition, reputation, and retorters.
    In marketing, many games use the randomness of events to create selling points by establishing marketing nodes. The most important point is that these games must be innovative and constantly updated. Otherwise, they will soon be bored by consumers.
    third, use emoticons to market the hearts of young people
    The young people of this year. As the Internet of the Internet, their WeChat has not collected hundreds of emoji symbols. Relying on it to adjust the atmosphere and rely on it to express itself. They feel painful without emoji all day!
    Sometimes, although emoticons do not directly guide users to buy, it allows consumers to remember you, and may even deepen the brand's love for the brand because of the emoticon package. If the time is appropriate and the promotion is proper, it will be taken for granted to promote brand marketing.
    Except for tea, in fact, many brands use emoji marketing, such as Coca -Cola, Xiaoming, Uncle KFC, McDonald's, etc., all linked tens of thousands of loyal users with a set of emoticons.
    How to attract customers how to attract customers 2 how to attract customers
    everyone is eager to be respected.
    Is when consumers decided to choose to dine in your shop, they guided with a smile and enthusiastic greetings, all the reflection of the "respect".
    The smiley face is like absorbing iron, attracting customers to pushing the door and entering your restaurant for consumption.
    -2-- A sense of noble
    The reason why consumers are also called "God" is to want to get God's general customer experience.
    How to enhance the customer's noble sense, there are more aspects involved, service details, decoration environment, etc.

    Compared with water stains and oil stains, diners are more willing to choose a clean and tidy dining environment.
    Because of eating for meals, the sense of security brought by cleanliness is very important.
    Is a good sanitary condition is one of the most attractive customers in a restaurant, but there are always catering people who ignore it.
    did you like hard wooden bench, or a comfortable and soft sofa card?
    does not need to say a lot of words, at least at least a meal that makes people hurt, at least at least I won't go.
    5-- A sense of joy
    The sense of joy is actually the hardest to start, after all, everyone's standards are different.
    but we can let customers see our intentions, such as placing magazines, chess pieces, small snacks, etc. in the place where they are queuing, so that the equal position is impatient to become the pleasant sense of the diners' identity in the restaurant.
    In how to attract customers to open a restaurant, you need to understand these routines!
    The feel is the most direct, the good feeling for diners is also the most effective way to improve the customer experience.
    How to attract customers how to attract customers 3 how to attract passenger traffic? These 4 suggestions make your business double!
    In relevant data, 98%of customers choose only 2%of store consumption. This is why the highly popular restaurants have been making money, and some restaurants can only be rented or stopped.
    The most important thing for restaurants is to attract passenger flow, and the passenger flow will only be consumed. So how to attract passenger flow, there are 4 small suggestions to share with everyone.
    The passenger flow
    Thestable is the location. The following are only auxiliary methods, and the location is still the first.
    Cules of dishes
    This dishes are not expensive. Don't be easily trapped in the price war. Features are always the best competitiveness.
    The decoration style of upgrading the restaurant
    The restaurant has been opened and the geographical location cannot be changed, but we can take some thoughts in the details of the decoration, do "scene marketing", and move consumers from the details.

    The adjustment of store business time
    Reasonable. Arrange existing manpower and do a good job of work for employees; thereby supplementing the blank of breakfast and making full use of breakfast time.
    It the marketing method of adding stores
    This "marketing" cannot only stay at the stage of discounts, discounts, full delivery, etc., and it is too "labor and the people to hurt money."
    It can be promoted in combination with holiday activities, with the help of social hotspots and incident hype.
    In publicity tools
    printing pages, arrange the distribution of business districts, increase publicity, and let more people know.
    The store rate
    The most important thing for the store is that your product is consistent with your decoration style.
    Plocked promotion
    The current special dishes, new products, gifts, etc. can be pasted at the door. Although traditional, it is very practical. The timely promotional activities can also bring a lot of customers to the restaurant.
    Tell the customer "What are you selling"
    don't let customers guess what you sell, customers don't have so much time to understand you; for example: the store name is a bit literary.

    Culed store background music
    different time periods to play different music.
    The experience
    is the probability of experienced new dishes when the customer eats in the store.
    I. Focus on the preferences of the local people's preferences to make key publicity to enhance the interest of customers.
    . Enhance employees' sales skills, and use effective sales terms to increase the desire to increase new dishes for customers.
    The return rate
    The return rate of 10,000, the taste of the most important dish.
    The good service attitude
    The good attitude is the starting point for the restaurant to build a good relationship with customers. Sincerely, your customers will have a good impression on you and thus consume twice.
    The integrity, honesty hospitality
    This must be down -to -earth, restaurant restaurant to deceive customers, sooner or later.
    Is do not make customers regret
    only constantly reflection and inspection to improve the quality of their services. From various perspectives, what extent should the restaurant be satisfied? What regrettable.

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