1 thought on “The employee builds the group, and then dismiss the notice of employees how to release”

  1. It can be published from the perspective of the company's privately violating the company's relevant regulations.
    For example, the company signed a labor contract with XX on XX XX Month X. However, during the performance of the labor contract, the company discovered that XX violated the company's relevant regulations, built groups privately, and poor labor attitude. Due to the bad behavior of XX, it also caused losses to the company (if there was substantial losses), the company decided to decide to be XX dismissal, terminate the labor relationship with XX, and please go to the company's relevant departments to go through the departure procedures after XX received the notice of this removal. The company will give XX -monthly economic compensation and corresponding insurance premiums in accordance with the provisions of the labor law. compensate. At the same time, after receiving the notice of this remarking, XX may not carry out any business activities in the name of the company, otherwise all the consequences will be borne by me.

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