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  1. Go to some women's forums, post bars, etc. to share beauty knowledge, and leave your contact information. Some people think that if you say it is useful, you will add you.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nHellon1. Find a precise customer groupnAs a beauty shop, we must first know what kind of crowd we are targeting the entire store. Beauty salons are actually mainly targeted at people aged 25 to 35 or even 45 years old. So where are these people? Have you ever thought about it? Actually in kindergarten, right? But if you run directly to the kindergarten door to add these people, will people add you? No, but if you can attract their babies, will they be interested in you.nSecond, attract children's attentionnAt this time, it is necessary for us to spend some high costs to buy a very large gift to attract the child's attention? It is not necessary. We go to a certain Baba who wholesale items that children are interested in, and then when school or going to school, when this treasure mother gathers, take this gift to attract the baby’s attention. At this time, we will add a lot of treasures. Mom's WeChat.nThird, when the beautician communicates with customers simple, if the customer shows interest, the beautician can further ask the customer to sit down and talk about it. At this time, the customer's recognition of you is relatively high, and the possibility of getting up immediately after sitting down is also relatively low. Therefore, the customer can take out the registration form to fill in the customer before the official conversation.nIt should be noted that you must write a long -term contact phone number on the form you take out, which can bring a certain psychological suggestion to customers to eliminate their preparationnFourth, many customers will ask the beauty artist to have a discount event when consulting. At this time, the beautician can pretend that the current discount is small, but there should be activities after a while. WeChat friends, when the beauty salon has an event, will immediately notify customers. Such a full and beneficial reason for them will accept it.nFifth, if the customer has doubts about the products and projects of the beauty salon, the beautician can take the opportunity to invite the customer to participate in the experience. Before the experience, take out the experience registration form and let the customer fill in the name and contact phone call and other informationnSix, after introducing the product and project information to the customer, you can inform the customer that there is a lottery in the current store. Customers can participate in the lottery as long as they fill in their personal information, and then let the customers add friends to each other. EssencenHope to help younMore 10nBleak

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